Our refreshed and welcoming bedroom (and a free tip to update your rental bedroom!)

One of my favourite parts of blogging is the motivation it gives me to tackle a space. Our bedroom doesn’t have a “before” per se, but I didn’t actually manage to put up all our previous home’s art (and clean up more than a few random piles, I’m looking at you dresser top) until now!

Red, white and grey bedroom

Before we painted, the space looked like this (half-way through priming):

Bedroom before

You can hardly see it here, but the previous tenants had a very dark blue wall with a hand painted tree on it. Needless to say, it wasn’t really me.

They also left these curtains behind. They’re actually quite nice… in our living room. This photo doesn’t quite capture it, but it just looked off with the rest of the space.

Bedroom before

My tip to update your rental bedroom: rehang your curtains!

(And if you’re using IKEA drapes, I’d recommend using the little fabric tabs to hang off the rod. It leaves soft pretty pleats instead of being all scrunched up.)

Soft pleated curtains

Seriously. This makes such a difference. I swapped ours for a lighter pair, but even just hanging your curtains high and wide makes your ceilings look taller, your window more grandiose, and just injects more style period.

Bedroom curtains after

Doesn’t that window look so. much. better?

However… I’m very aware of how similar they look to the wall colour. And the headboard, for that matter. I wanted a mid to dark grey, and this one turned out quite a bit lighter than I had envisioned. Eventually we will most definitely be repainting to a moodier, bolder tone.

Our rented bedroom

It’s still a work in progress, but there are nevertheless a few “moments” that are coming along!

Once I cleared off our dresser (I just could not share it on the blog. It was too embarrassing.), I was left with my scarf bin and little jewelry box.

Dresser before accessories

I shopped around our home and continued with this…

Take 2

That vase of greenery are simply excess from a neighbour’s efforts to trim their bushes, but I think they work well and add a little feel of fall. It looked a little plain, so I added my favourite candle from Thymes and swapped it around to add varied heights to the vignette.

Fall styled IKEA dresser

Bedroom corner

I love how the curtains just pool at the bottom. Makes it feel a little more casual than perfectly hemmed curtains would.

Right beside, I have my refinished antique mirror (that again, is the same colour as the wall! I need to change that…)

Refinished mirror

Around the corner is our “konmari-ed” closet,

Bedroom closet

and our nightstands.

Bedroom corner

I love my little plant in here. It’s the perfect scale! I definitely want to inject some more texture with more plants soon.

Cosy bedroom corner

Bedroom updates

It’s hard to get a sense of how wonderfully cozy it is now that we simply changed up the curtains (and finally fully cleaned the room!) but having floor to ceiling drapes makes it feel like a treat to be in bed at the end of the day. So inviting and perfect for fall!

Cozy bedroom

I’m so grateful to fall into bed in this room after an overwhelming day of teaching or, like yesterday, an interview for my own classroom… Fingers crossed!

Again, here’s the same angle before…

Bedroom before

And now!

Our rented bedroom

After only a couple hours of effort, I’m so happy with where our room is going! Just think how nice it will look after a new coat of paint, more plants (and maybe a few more pillows, much to my hubby’s dismay…)

Thanks so much for reading! It’s lovely to have you stop by.



Quick Tip: Keep Clothes Off the Floor (For Good This Time..!)

Hi everyone!

I’m in for a quick (and quite nerdy, if I’m honest) tip today! For the longest time, I tried keeping clothes off my floors, but one day of feeling like I had nothing to wear and many outfit changes later, I would find clothes scattered around the floor… I’d be in a rush, I couldn’t find what I was looking for… And then it seemed too daunting so it would take me ages to put it all back. It didn’t happen it all the time, but enough to really irk me.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I thought of my favourite writers, Gretchen Rubin. As she says, identify the problem. Was the problem not having the initiative or desire to keep my bedroom clean? No. Was the problem not maintaining it on a regular basis? Surprisingly, no.

The issue in keeping clothes off the floor was hangers. 

My clothes were jammed into small closets so I couldn’t easily see what I had. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I never had enough hangers. I had to steal from my husband (who would then later steal from my side), look around in other closets, hang two or more articles of clothing on one… It just got to be a pain.

So then I thought, what if I had a specific spot for each type of clothing, always with an available hanger? A home for each article of clothing?

Light bulb!

Before tackling the hangers though, as a preamble, I tackled my wardrobe itself, with the KonMari method. (If you’ve never heard of it, I highly recommend it!) I went through every single piece that I owned and only kept the ones that brought me joy. That, and her folding method, literally left me with double the space:

Instagramed dresser drawers

I shared this on instagram a little while ago- this drawer used to be overflowing with clothes I couldn’t get to!

From there, I created closet dividers for each type of clothing I own. If we make do this for baby clothes based on age, why not for ourselves? Then, I added the exact number of hangers for each related piece per section. For example, say you own five skirts. In the skirt section, you would only have five hangers that would always belong there to hang each one of your skirts.

Closet dividers

Here’s how I did it:

1. Find dividers.

You could make your own for this step, but when I found this cardboard door hangers for IKEA in the kids’ section, six for a dollar, I was sold!

Ikea door hangers

I clearly didn’t want to keep the image, so I tried recovering it with scrapbooking paper.

Too much work

I thought that was too much work, so I decided to opt for painting instead. I don’t know if it really saved me that much more time, but I really prefer the way they turned out nonetheless!

2. Recover 


First I primed these out with basic white acrylic paint,

All primed with basic white acrylic paint

Then painted them in similar tones of blues, adding more and more light blue and white for an ombre effect.

Painted ombre style


As an added bonus, the paint made them extra durable, and it won’t peel off with use like paper could.

3. Label

Once they were dry, I labeled them in a white chalkboard marker (though obviously it won’t come off because this isn’t chalkboard paint, but you could always try that too).

Ombre style wardrobe closet dividers


Keep your closet organized with wardrobe dividers

It was such a little change, and one that some might find more than a bit anal, but it was a perfect solution for me. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it is so much easier to keep my clothes in order, and to plan outfits! I just chose what to wear the night before, and hang it in front of the last divider, my tops.

Keep your closet organized with DIY-ed closet dividers!

Side note: I had someone ask me if each hanger belongs to a particular item of clothing. I didn’t go that far, just having enough for each item is sufficient.

It’s easy to put my work jackets away at the end of the day. I can easily find what I’m looking for. And, most importantly, my clothes are always up off the floor!

What do you think? Would you add dividers to your closet?  Or too much for you?

Keep your clothes off the floor (for good this time!)

Our Wedding: Friday Formals

Hello lovely readers!

Phew… Made it through my first week of school! It was… overwhelming. I’m sure all new teachers could agree with that sentiment. I couldn’t muster a post for this morning, but I got one in just in time for the weekend- our formal shots! Take a look to see the bridesmaid dresses, flower girls and one awesome shot of my dress, if I do say so myself :).

Formal shots: the groomsmen

Missed the last posts? Sneak a peek of us getting ready, our ceremony, the little details, and of course, the reception!

(Tired of all this wedding business? Don’t worry, I’ll be back to regular home-related posts next week.)

The simplest things make the coolest discoveries if you’re 2 and 3.

Flower girls in tutus

My wonderful brother and I:

Formal friday

Beautiful a-line lace wedding dress with a train

Our entire (rather large…) wedding party. Five groomsmen, six bridesmaids!Blush bridesmaids and groomsmen in grey

And despite the odd numbers, somehow our photographers made everything look completely even.

Blush bridesmaids and groomsmen in grey

Wedding portrait

Wedding formal shots

This is what I’m marrying into folks…Groom's siblings Formal photos

Cutest baby bump:

Maternity bridesmaid dress

(Amazing to think that her baby boy is already 7 weeks old!)

I love this next photo with my girls, especially how it shows off their different but coordinated hair styles.

Bridesmaids in blush

I had to include this one just for the shoes.

Formal wedding photos

Besties Besties  Tutu flower girl dress

Bridesmaids in blush: shot from the back

Blush bridesmaids and groomsmen in greyFormal wedding photos

Cinderella style wedding shotFairytale style wedding shot

Thanks so much for reading, if you made it this far. Have a wonderful last few days of summer weekend!

xo Lauren



Our Wedding: The Reception

Hi all!

Phew! My first week of teaching is doing me in! Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of things soon…

In the meantime, here are some highlights from our reception… There were more than a few surprises!

I just think these are the sweetest photos…

Wedding guests

Doesn’t my sister-in-law look so proud of her little brother on his wedding day?Speeches

Our first unique surprise was our ice cream wedding cake…

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Wedding Cake


Which proved to be quite the challenge to cut!

After years of dancing, my next surprise was our first dance. Shaun and I had also wanted to have a special choreographed first dance… We didn’t manage to get it together until the last few weeks leading up to the big day, but it actually ended up being the best little stress reliever and way to connect for us. I’m so glad we put in the effort!

Wedding first dance Wedding first dance


(Psst… if you care to see it you can here!)

Shaun also somehow convinced me to trick the single girls with our bouquet toss…

Tweak your bouquet toss and surprise the girls!

By tying fishing line to it! When it came springing back to me the girls all seemed pretty surprised…Tweak your bouquet toss and surprise the girls!



From there on we had just what I wanted- a night full of dancing.Wedding guests

Wedding guests

Including the obligatory high school style break dance circle

Wedding guests

And some line dancing.Wedding guests

Even my dad was dancing!!Wedding guests    The bride and groom


It was such a special night… way better than anything I had ever imagined. If ever you’d like to see one last peek, check our tomorrow’s Formal Friday post!

As always, thanks for stopping by :)

Our Wedding: DIY and Details

Welcome back to wedding week! Scroll through to see a few of our DIY’s and extra wedding details.

Linen and blush pink wedding invitations

I didn’t love the plain envelopes, so I added a little extra by DIY-ing inserts with pretty paper from Michael’s.

Lace and vintage accessories wedding invitesFather of the bride card Blush pink, ivory and soft green wedding bouquet: peony roses, lisianthus

Hydrangea ceremony flowers  Ceremony decor: lanterns

I wanted a little something extra on our tables, so I hand made table runners with a beautiful mesh and silver fabric.

Shaughnessy restaurant Vancouver

We love our games nights, especially Shaun. I was looking for ways to include him in our day, and using the back of our Settlers of Catan games pieces was a perfect guest book! As an added bonus, we can see them every time we play, instead of pulling out a book from time to time.

Wedding guest book idea: Settlers of Catan game pieces

I made our own chalkboard signs (way back last summer!). Click here to read more.

Wedding chalkboard signs: the wedding partyWedding chalkboard signs: Our Love StoryWedding chalkboard signs: instagram Use a vintage birdcage for wedding cards

I loved this easy wedding pennant banner so much I might just have to make one for my classroom.Wedding pennant banner: Oh Happy Day!

Happy Wednesday!


Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday here and on social media! I’m glad you’re enjoying the updates :)

Our ceremony… That was eventful, to say the least! Everything started off so well…

It was a scorching summer, so I was thrilled to have a few drops of rain.

Wedding welcome sign

Shaun and the guys headed to our venue, Shaughnessy Restaurant in Van Dusen Gardens, before us to check things out,

The groom

where he promptly had the groomsmen “edit” the ceremony seating set up so he knew I would like it. (So sweet of them!)

The guys

My new aunt-in-law did a beautiful job setting up our (late, the second hiccup) ceremony and reception flowers.

Hydrangea ceremony flowers

String lights

A little while later, I read a cute little note he had written for me, ever the romantic, before we saw each other for our first look.

Pre-ceremony love note from the groom

We had our first look tucked away in the gardens. I would completely recommend a first look, if you’re thinking about it. It’s such a special moment that helps you really connect together before the wedding whirlwind and seeing all your guests.

First look

After some shots with our bridesmaids and groomsmen (more on that Friday!) we headed back to the restaurant.

At that point it was hovering around 3:30pm, 30 minutes before our ceremony was set to start. I was so proud for actually running on time! I had spent so long planning it (right to the very last detail) and knowing how late I can run was definitely something I did my best to avoid.

We had a little extra time for some fun shots with the flower girls and ring bear (not the ring bearer, I was informed), my nieces and nephews (officially now!).

Flower girl and ring bearer photo idea

Flower girl tutu

Ring bearer

My then it was 4:00 and our wedding officiant still wasn’t there. All our guests were there, the DJ was set up, everything was set to go, except for that little detail! I wasn’t all that concerned, thinking he might be a bit late, but our wedding party thought otherwise.

Shaun went out to keep our guests up to date, and to share a few jokes of course.

The groom

While guests mingled and drank few glasses of wine to get in the swing of things.


Our guests

Meanwhile, my wonderful bridesmaids and Shaun’s groomsmen, unbeknownst to me, were calling new officiants like crazy! Amazingly, they found someone who had just finished a ceremony a few blocks away. He called me on his way to get up to date, and coolly stopped by at 4:45, only 45 minutes after our scheduled start time. I was beyond grateful for how our party pulled together and how well he brought us together!

Mothers of the bride and groom

The groom and his mum

My brother and new sisters.

Maternity bridesmaid dressesRing bearer bow tie Adorable flower girl toddler tutus The bride and her father

Our new officiant was perfect. It was as if he had known us all along! My brother, a tree planter, brought down a little sapling from his work up in Northern BC so we could have a tree planting ceremony. Having it travel all that way made it even more special, and our officiant worked it in perfectly.

Tree planting wedding ceremony

Tree planting wedding ceremony

We, of course, myself being a DIY blogger, wrote our own vows – and made my lovely bridesmaids tear up!Pretty blush bridesmaid dresses

While Shaun of course made us all crack up. I love this photo- I think it completely captures the relaxed and happy feeling of our ceremony.

Our ceremony

We signed our papers with our mothers as witnesses…

our ceremony

And were officially pronounced husband and wife!first kiss  First KissOur ceremony

(Aren’t Shaun’s second-cousins on the right the sweetest?)

Our ceremony

I loved every moment of our ceremony, even if it was a little delayed! What about you? Any wild wedding stories you experienced or heard about? I’d love to hear about them!


Our Wedding: Getting Ready Monday

Hi everyone!

This is my usual post day, but as I wrote in yesterday’s post, I’ll be doing it a bit differently this week- wedding week!  Each day I’ll share another special part of our wedding. Scroll through, if you’d like to see…

Originally, I had thought about going to a hotel to get ready… It seemed that was what one does. However, I looked up rooms, and for a super expensive rate, you could only get a small room that I thought would be an absolute pain to get around in in such a large dress! When we moved, I realized our home could be lovely. I’m so happy with it already, and even if it’s not completely perfect, it shows what it looks like for us now. More authentic. More us, which is one of my main wedding goals to begin with.

Bridesmaid bow dress

My wonderful hairstylist, whom I’ve been going to for years, said the photos look like a studio. Love her! (If you live in the Vancouver area and are looking for a wedding stylist, feel free to leave a comment below and we can get in touch. She’s fantastic.)

The surprising part about having it at home was that it made everything feel comfortable and relaxed. Time seemed to slow down… I could really just enjoy being surrounded by the closest women in my life. Plus, there were so many of us (11 including myself, my photographer, my hairstylist and our mums!) so I can’t imagine how we would have squished into one hotel room.

Getting ready

Everything felt so natural and easy. My lovely friend flew in all the way from her new home in Dubai for my wedding, and did ALL our makeup. My makeup looks flawless in every photo thanks to her! It was so special to have someone I love and trust to do it. I’m incredibly grateful!

Wedding makeupWedding makeup

Wedding makeup

The bridesmaid dresses… How I stressed over these! I was 100% sure about my own dress, but finding dresses that worked together for the girls was a challenge. I wanted them all to be in shades of blush pink, but in their own dress that suited their own style, budget and baby bump! I didn’t see them all together until the day of, but they ended up being perfect together.

Pretty blush bridesmaid dresses

My photographer even snapped one with our adorable flower girl dresses…Pretty blush pink bridesmaid dresses

Something old: My clutch and pearls were my grandmother’s

Something new: My dress and earrings

Something borrowed: I had a dress change for a surprise during our first dance, so I borrowed my bridemaid’s white shorts (and another’s bra when I realized I had forgotten mine!)

Something blue: The bottom of my Betsey Johnson Something Blue heels

Vintage bride accessories Vintage bride accessories Betsey Johnson Something Blue wedding shoes

The reveal…

The reveal

The revealThe reveal

If you’re Canadian, especially if you’re from Vancouver, you’ll know just how popular Lululemon is for us. They were the perfect gift for all six of my bridesmaids because I could find a specific top that each girl would like. I even secretly scoped out their tastes by bringing them to Lulu in Whistler over the bachelorette weekend…

Give each of your bridesmaids their own lululemon top

Give each of your bridesmaids their own lululemon topGive each of your bridesmaids their own lululemon topGive each of your bridesmaids their own lululemon top

Give each of your bridesmaids their own lululemon top

A few last minute details…

Wedding hair: soft bun updo

Wedding morning

Ballet inspired brideBallet inspired bride

Lace wedding dress and Betsey Johnson Something Blue shoes

…before I was stuffed into the car on the way to our venue! (Again, I realized I didn’t care about limos, so it was one of the spots where we saved and took our usual cars).

Lace wedding dress Wedding day

I had to include a couple of the boys across town too…

They were clearly very busy.


JengaThe groomGroomsmen getting ready

Thanks for reading :) Check back tomorrow to see the ceremony!

Photos courtesy of Brandie Coe Photography

Our Wedding: Sneak Peek Sunday

I’m doing something a little different this week.

For starters, it’s my first week of real teaching! Not only that, but I’m thrown a little out of my element… High school (I’ve only ever worked in elementary and middle) and beginner French, not immersion or French as a first language! Going to be a new challenge, to say the least…

But in the blog world, I’ll be posting all week… to share our wedding! It’s been a long time coming (2 years, to be exact) since our proposal story later engagement photos, so it was just too much to fit into a single post!

After two years of dreaming about it, planning it, and occasionally stressing over it, I can honestly say it was even more amazing than I every imagined it being. It was so special to have all my friends in one place again (one of my bridesmaids even flew in from Dubai!), my family there to support us, and to marry the love of my life. It was so special, so personal, and so us- Shaun too! I can’t wait to share it with you.



Welcome to wedding week!

Cheap and Easy Decor: Hang plates (without hurting them or your walls!)

My hubby and I only have a week left until we start our first week as actual teachers! I’m excited in way, but it would be a lot easier knowing where we’ll be. We do know our districts, and Shaun will for sure be subbing in high school. I, however, could be placed anywhere! As a substitute teacher yes, but also as a part time or full time teacher in a high school classroom, or even in an elementary… And I basically say yes to whatever they throw at me. Exciting, but not knowing is starting to make me nervous!

To feel ready, I’ve taken on sorting through our ENTIRE house- KonMari style. Feeling like our belongings are in order makes me feel so much more ready and prepared for the rest of my life. It’s amazing how much more together I already feel! I want to make sure my entire house is tidy and in order before September 8th rolls around. I’ll be sure to share a few organizing ideas in the coming weeks, but for now I’m purging away. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this quick, easy and cheap way of decorating your rental!

How to hang plates- without wrecking them or your wall

As soon as we moved into our little mid-century home, I knew I wanted to add a few vintage style elements. Plates work perfectly with the happy and traditional feel of the home! Here’s how I did it.Dining room plates before

In our dining room, on either side of the entry leading into the kitchen, is the perfect spot for some colourful plates. But how can you hang them without them breaking or without damaging your wall?

In a word- melamine. There are so many beautiful melamine plates out (and are on sale now that summer is ending!) meant for pretty picnics and barbecues.  I have collected a few in the last year, and I plan on adding to my collection for this wall. I promise you can’t tell they aren’t ceramic!

Decorate with plates

To start, I marked where I wanted my plate hung in two spots under the plate.

Mark where you want to hang your plate in two spots on the bottom

From there, I added either nails or small pins. The great thing about pins is that they are so small, they leave an almost invisible hole in the wall. For some of my plates, these were all I used. However, for the few heavier ones, nails were my best bet.Use nails to rest your plate against the wall

I knew they wouldn’t really be stable enough though, and sure enough, one night as we were falling asleep, we heard a crash in the dining room (which of course terrified our dog!). Being melamine, nothing happened. The next day, I realized the leftover command strips we have hanging around for command hooks were a perfect solution. This way, you won’t mark your plates, and you hardly damage your wall!

Adhere your plate to the wall with the strips that come with command wall hooks

I also added a couple ceramic plates here too. I wanted something extra solid for these.

Wall plates

Velcro command strips, of course.

Command strips

The black one is a heavy duty one cut in half, along with a regular white one. Simple!

Hang plates with velcro command strips

Here is our dining wall before:

Dining room plates before

And after, with an extra little addition: my (happily very hearty) jade plant.Decorate on the cheap with plates

Decorate on the cheap with colourful plates

You can even catch a glimpse of our newly organized laundry nook! It looks a little sparse for now, so I might add to them as I collect more as time goes on. Slow decorating :)

For now I’m happy with how it plays off the blues in the living room. I tried adding red to it, but it just wasn’t for me! Eventually I’ll add an extra shot of contrasting colour to our space (red? soft pink?) but for now I’m loving the blues!

How to hang plates

Ugh… I hate that fixture. Every time I see it I’m itching to replace it! I’m thinking of this one.

Our dining room



Cost breakdown:

Plates: 2 were gifts, the others ranged from 3-10 dollars (From Crate and Barrel and Marshall’s)

Hanging supplies: on hand

Total cost: $22!

How to hang plates (without wrecking them!)


So there you are. What do you think? Would you add plates to your walls? Too old fashioned, or just right?

Multifunctional Spaces: Our Kitchen Laundry Nook

Good morning!

One thing that renters and city dwellers often face is small spaces and as a result, rooms with many uses. When we see beautiful (not to mention enormous) homes in magazines and on Pinterest, complete with mudrooms, walk-in closets and laundry rooms, it’s hard to know how to make your own space work without coming up short.

In this house, we are lucky enough to have in-suite laundry! This is the first time Shaun and I have ever had such a luxury, and let me tell you, one cannot overestimate how fantastic it is. However, our laundry machines were stacked, with hideous temporary storage beside them, effectively blocking out all light from the neighboring window. They’re also kept in the kitchen, meaning we had to keep the solution multifunctional. I thought of Dana’s multipurpose dining/laundry/mudroom (House*Tweaking) as inspiration as I tackled this little spot.

Keep on reading to see how I changed it to a prettier and much more functional version:

Organized kitchen laundry nook

So here’s where we started. This is the photo I saw in the craigslist ad:

Kitchen before

It’s hard to tell here, (since the room is so terribly yellow!) but the big stackable washer and dryer were blocking the light from the side window and were the first things you saw upon entering the kitchen. Giant eyesores really.

Luckily, our landlord surprised us with new tile to replace that old beige lino, and Shaun painted it before we moved in. That in and of itself made a huge difference! From there, my hubby and one of his wonderful friends took the dryer off the top and placed them nicely side by side. I was so excited I didn’t even think to snap a photo, but all you need to do is unscrew the brackets in the back holding both machines together, and with a lot of oomph, lift it off. Surprisingly simple.

Here’s what we were left with (minus the shelf of course).

Unstacked washer and dryer

So much better, but I encountered a new challenge I hadn’t thought of before: exposed wires and plumbing. I needed a cheap, temporary and functional solution to hide these and provide storage for our laundry related cleaning supplies.

I loved my salvaged wood shelves in our last home, so I decided to do something similar here. I found a long piece of wood, 6′ by 11” by 1.75”, and varnished it with a semi-gloss to bring out the character in the wood and to protect it. You can see how I did it with our previous project here.

From there, it was hung with three basic brackets screwed into wall studs, being careful not to touch any of the electrical and plumbing work behind the wall.

Basic brackets to hang shelf

While the shelf would offer ample storage, it didn’t cover up the wires. To do so, I used a piece of fabric. I chose outdoor fabric to hold up better to stains (the outdoor fabric I used for my no-sew placemats is still holding strong!) and hemmed the sides to just skim the top of the machines with no-sew iron on tape. From there, I place it in between a narrow 6′ long piece of wood and screwed it in place, like so:

How to hang fabric from a shelf

From there it folded over nicely and easily covered everything up.

Laundry nook shelf

To hide the dryer tube (I really don’t know what you call that metal thing that collects the lint!), I found the perfect solution: an IKEA Raskog cart.

Ikea Raskog Cart

As an added bonus, someone was selling it on craiglist, so I purchased it for 40 instead of 70 CAD, and it was already assembled!

But let’s backtrack a minute, shall we? Confession time. This project happened back in April, back during our teaching practicums. I slapped it together without giving much thought as to what it would store, and it… showed.

Yikes. Laundry nook before

Yikes. After living with that mess for a few months, I had a much better idea of what I wanted to store there! I cleared it all out, and started fresh. Here’s how we use the cart:

Laundry nook Ikea cart

Multifunctional rooms need multifunctional storage pieces. This one holds our kitchen laundry for easy access, extra dish towels and dish cloths, our iron (metal is a great spot for iron storage! I never have to worry about melting or burning it), Bali’s water bottle for walks, and some often used garden tools we can grab for whenever the gardening mood strikes us. (Which honestly, for me isn’t often, but Shaun seems to be getting into it, happily!)

Use bowls to organize often used items on the top shelf

To stop it from being so chaotic like it was before, I used some simple and pretty bowls I had in the kitchen along with an extra $1.25 pot from IKEA to organize these little items. I’m hoping they’ll stop me from inadvertently creating another random dumping ground.

Accessible storage

Here are our dishcloths, our dog’s towel and our dustpan for easy access.

Raskog laundry cart

I find labeling stops me from mindlessly dropping things where they don’t belong. These easy chalkboard marker labels are extra insurance, and easily changed if ever I decide to use the cart for something different in the future.

Use a chalkboard marker to label a Raskog Ikea cart Chalkboard marker label

And here it is in its perfect little nook. I also keep our mini ironing board behind it: easy to access and put away, and it blocks the rest of the dryer… thing.

Raskog laundry cart

From there, I edited down our baskets to what we really needed (and kept our iron wine rack there too, because I think it looks nice with my baskets).

Use baskets for storage for open shelf laundry

The main one I use is laundry: detergent, spot cleaners, dryer sheets etc. (I added French labels because I don’t often get to include my other language in our home! Lavage: laundry).

Laundry basket labels

Beside it, I have extra laundry items (lint rollers, bleach etc.) and car washing supplies.

Labeled laundry storage

With all the space I saved once I cleared out the random things I didn’t need, I was left with an empty basket. I opted to house our cleaning supplies here, instead of under the kitchen and bathroom sink, as they were before. They were getting lost under there. Now they’re easy to reach for, I don’t need to worry about my young nieces and nephews finding dangerous products when they come over, and I have new space under the sinks for things like… step stools. (I’m not very tall!)

Produits nettoyants cleaning products basket

So again, the before…

Kitchen before

And (almost) after! It makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen. I want all my storage spaces to be this organized! Everything has its place and everything here is actually used in our home.

Organized laundry nook in the kitchen

Now that we don’t have that extra cart on the other side, we even have more space for Bali’s dog dishes. Eventually I’d like a bench for her food so she doesn’t have to lean over so far. All in due time…

Organized kitchen laundry nook

Now for some art work! Stay tuned :)

Organized laundry nook

I hope this helps to inspire you with your multipurpose rooms. As bonus, having laundry in the kitchen is surprisingly useful. I can throw a load on while I’m cooking! Who knew? Europeans I guess..! Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or something you’d like to add. I’d love to hear from you!