Apartment Therapy’s Style Cure: Our Bedroom

If you have ever perused my Home Tour, you may have noticed our bedroom is conspicuously missing. I’m always focusing on the areas we spend the most time in, and that our friends and family will see… So the bedroom was way down on the to-do list.

When I saw Apartment Therapy was hosting their latest “Style Cure” this month, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to tackle it! Here’s what I’m working with.

Plain apartment bedroom

So bland! I’m thinking the wall behind our bed would be worth painting to create an accent wall…

Bedroom window before shot

I’m looking forward to working with this mirror Shaun picked up at a friend’s house a little while ago. I’m thinking white or gold could step it up a notch.

Bedroom mirror

I was all enthusiasm to go out to take some inspiration pics to share with you all today at West Elm. Check them out on Instagram! I was happily snapping away when I discovered how AMAZING their armchairs are. (I’m eyeing this one and this one). The price tag, however, deflated my little bubble of excitement. Might be worth saving for… We’ll see. Anyway, let’s focus on bedrooms…

Anyone have any ideas on what colour bedding to go for? I’m thinking I’ll stay within the slate, light blue and white colour scheme with lots of texture and metal finishes, but I’m open to suggestions!


I’d love to go with crisp white bedding. Bali isn’t allowed in our bedroom, so it’s the only place in our house free of dog hair, and I want to take advantage! I’m not sure if it would look to plain. What do you think? I’d also love to go this dark with our grey accent wall, but I don’t think our room gets enough light. I’ll probably go a few shades lighter.


I’m trying to add bright pops of colour into our main living space, but I’d prefer a more serene and neutral colour scheme for our bedroom. Instead of colour, I’d like to add texture for visual interest. Don’t the various knits, cottons and fur look inviting in this one?


I was initially drawn to this picture for the pin tucked duvet, but what kept me was the nightstand. I think the gold accents could make a great little project to add personality to a side table.


I love this idea. Not that I have that many pairs of heels, but I think it would be a great spot to store scarves. Plus, it could balance out the look of my mirror. I’m thinking of something along these lines…

{source unknown}

{source unknown}

And lastly, my all-time favourite for inspiration. I’ve loved this bedroom for months now. Stripes and florals, with the texture of the lamp, jute (sisal?) rug and comfortable quilt. Hopefully I can incorporate some of the elements in this space into my room!

Are you participating in the Cure this month? Feeling inspired? (Or maybe intimidated?) I’d love to hear how it’s going for you!

5 thoughts on “Apartment Therapy’s Style Cure: Our Bedroom

  1. Marie H.

    I absolutely love all of the white bedding inspiration images!! It’s really fun designing a room from a blank slate but also a bit overwhelming! If you’re looking for more white bedding and such I did a post about a week ago featuring hotel bedding! I really love the clean crisp look of all white bedding.

    Turn Your Bedroom into A Luxury Suite

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking at the kitchen art ;)
    Marie H.

    1. Lauren Post author

      I saw that one actually! I never thought about the lines of hotel bedding until that post, but now they’re definitely in the running.

  2. ida

    I love all the pictures you’ve chosen, the last one – I agree with you, the stripes and the florals are so inviting. I also am trying to get some more light in my kitchen and it’s HARD, everything has to be thought through. The shade of color to the walls, the lightning, everything. I’m so happy about this Style cure cause it’s giving me tools I never had before and that’s so much fun. Thanks for letting me take a sneak peak inside your bedroom(and head).

    Love Ida

    1. Lauren Post author

      I know what you mean about light! Our apartment does get a good amount of it, but because we only have windows on one side, our kitchen is so so dark.

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