Wedding Planning: Creating a Mood Board

Hi there lovely readers and fellow brides-to-be!

I’m absorbed in wedding planning these days… So. much. fun! I try my best to enjoy the process, not just the end result, but it never has it been so easy before. Just daydreaming and planning out is a joy in and of itself!

We’ve booked our venue and chosen our date: July, 2015. Just to complicate things, Shaun and I want to go back to school to become teachers next year. I hear it is extremely busy… Basically impossible to plan a wedding at the same time! To make it easier down the road, I’m doing as much planning as I can before September. Of course not everything can be done ahead of time (we’ll have our invites prepped, but not sent out until later, for example), but I’ll try my best! If ever you have any tips, I’d love to hear from you :)

Before I make any further design choices, I wanted to settle on the overall feel and look. I had an idea of what colours I wanted: blush, gold and touches of soft green. I had a vague notion of the design too, but it wasn’t very concrete. I stumbled upon Bridal Musings recently and their awesome set of articles on wedding planning with Pocketful of Dreams, especially their post on creating a mood board.

Even if you’re not planning a wedding, mood boards can be helpful at distilling what you are really looking for in a design. I absolutely recommend it! You can build one like I did (using Picmonkey for FREE) or go for an even simpler route with a Pinterest board or magazine clippings.

First up, when creating a mood board, I decide on specific words: the qualities and feelings I want to evoke with my mood board. For example, when I created my blog design, I originally wanted it to be fresh and airy.

To find meaningful descriptors for our relationship, I followed their advice.

How would you like your wedding to  feel?romantic, personal, inviting and thoughtful

What’s your personal style?classic, feminine and approachable 

What were some of your favourite moments in your relationship?: Dancing in the streets at night when we first started dating. Running through the warm rain in Bali. Strolling through trendy Kitsilano, our favourite area in the city. 

From here, choose the main ideas flowing through your answers. I want our wedding to be romantic, thoughtful, and inviting, with soft, warm colours.

Keeping those ideas in mind, I scoured my Pinterest boards (home boards too!) and came up with this:

wedding mood board


Sources from left to right:

peonies / dresses / necklace / champagne / photograph / lace / door / kitchen / aisle / peonies / keys / mirrors / tablescape

These completely capture the feeling I’m going for! They also clarified some of the elements I want to incorporate. I realized I’d prefer a more muted restricted colour scheme (like my home, I rarely use more than a few accent colours) but with lots of textures:

Modern elements like gold, tulle, mirrors (and maybe even some sparkle)

Fresh greenery (like the gorgeous garden in the background of my ceremony!)

Soft touches of lace, petals and satins

And of course, character through woods (the restaurant has beautiful old wood floors) and rusted coppers.

I may not use all these ideas in our final design, but it gives me a great idea of where I’d like to go and what I’d like to share with my vendors! How are you deciding on your wedding colours and themes? Did you go for a mood board, Pinterest, magazines?

2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Creating a Mood Board

  1. Jessica

    Your mood board is beautiful. It really suits your style. When I saw it, my first thought was, “Oh that’s so Lauren!” I have no doubts with all the thought, love and planning you’re putting into this wedding it’s going to be breathtaking in all the little details!


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